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Detachable led bar light–DB series


DB Series led grow light own 3 types: 6bars-480w, 8 bars-640w,10bars-800w to meet different greenhouse,tent.  High PPE up to 2.9umol/j is of importance factor to create high yield 2.8-3g/w,max growers’ income. Detachable design save your shipping cost,save 50%container space to load more qty onto containers. Dimming knob could adjust brightness at different growing stage,save electric bill consumption.daisy chain 20pcs simultaneously,easy grower job.

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Dimming 0-10V: Electric bill saving
Full Spectrum:Whole growing stage
Detachable bars :Cost-efficient shipping fee .

Daisy chain 30pcs light in a row–bigger grow space required for growers

Data sheet:

Product name:DB600/DB800/DB1000

Manufacturer:Twilight Group
Light source:SMD3030 3500K 5000K 660NM 760NM
Spectrum:Full Spectrum
Input:110-277V AC 50/60HZ
Ampere:4.5-7A in 110VAC.  4-6.7A in 120VAC.  2.2-3.7A in 220VAC
LED Driver Brand:Sosen UL Listed.(Other brand such as Meanwell, Inventronics could be negotiable)

PPF:1392Umol/S.  1856Umol/S/ .2320Umol/S/
Coverage:4*4FT –8*8FT
Beam angle:120°
IP Rating:IP65  (Socket and Dimming port unwaterproof)
Thermal management:Passive cooling 6063Aluminum


Features:Detachable bars,0-10v dimming,Daisy chain 30pcs max
Application:Indoor farming,Medical plants Cultivation,etc

DB series Grow Light-Twilight Group


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