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Indoor Hydroponics Full Spectrum 220W LED Grow Light Board with 0-10V Dimming for Grow Tent Indoor Garden Medical Plants Growth

Shenzhen Growstar Full Spectrum LED Grow Panel Light H-LZB2 220W Grow Tent Horticulture Medical Plants Lamp Sunlike Spectrum is Helpful for the Indoor Plants Growing

High lighting efficiency, PPE up to 2.7umol/J

Powered by Samsung leds+Meanwell driver, make good quality

Foldable design greatly reduce the shipping cost

Knob dimmer optional+RJ14 port( up to 30pcs connected)

Made high yield 2.8g/w





H-LZB is full spectrum with 3000K 5000K 660NM 730NM. Samsung LED and Meanwell Driver make High efficiency and good quality. the PPE is up to 2.7umol/J. This board grow light with good heatsink and the highest temperature is just 45℃。

Features :
>> LED grow light is popular used on indoor garden, grow tent 
>> Full spectrum include UV IR Red Blue Green etc full bands of fast & healthy growing plants
>> High PPFD, high PPE 2.7 umol/J, high efficiency 160lm/W, high PF > 0.95
>> Easy installation, free assembly and just hang with hanging lines and kits
>> Super bright 3000K 5000K mix 660nm red 730nm IR chips makes excellent spectrum
>> Customized spectrum made is acceptable, we will design and produce by customers demand
>> No fan. no any noise, passive cooling by high quality aluminium heatsink temperature down
>> Meanwell high quality drivers with dimmable switch fuxntion for plants seeding to harvest stage
>> Whole series include : IP65 Waterproof 110W 220W 440W 660W led grow light panel.

>> Daisy chain and dimmer avaliable. A dimmer can control 20-30pcs 660W grow light board.


1) Replace HPS Grow Light
2) Greenhouse, Indoor Garden
3) Horticulture, grow Tent
4) Hydroponic cultivation
5) Indoor planting growth
6) Farming plants research
7) Indoor vertical farming



Excellent led grow light spectrum
Wavelength from 380NM to 800 NM includes UV, Blue, Green, Red, IR etc.



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